Rozmberk Castle and HLUBOKA Castle

Day trip to the Rozmberk and to the Hluboka castle. Rozmberk is one of the oldest castles in Czech Republic founded around 1250 by the Vitkovci family, same family that founded Cesky Krumlov. Castle was built in deep forests of Bohemia on the upper stream of the Vltava river meandring under the castle. You can take a guided tour through the castle to see the historical interiors or just have a walk around the castle and the small town bellow. Second stop is at the Hluboka Castle a castle built in the english Windsor style and the third most visited castle in Czech Republic after Prague and Cesky Krumlov Castles. Here too is possible to have a guided tour through the castle interiors or just relax in the beautifull english park surrounding the picturesque castle.